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What to expect...

In the first session, the therapist will sit down with you and discuss the reasons you have sought help in the first place, as well as asking questions about the history of the problem. Following this, treatment options will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be developed.

Although the plan may include a specific therapeutic approach, it is more likely that a combination of therapeutic approaches and processes will be used to best suit your needs. Treatment planning is conducted in collaboration with the client, and will aim to address the client's needs on a holistic level.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Type of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or "CBT" is a widely researched, evidence based treatment for many emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. CBT aims to help us identify unhealthy ways of thinking, and challenge unhelpful perceptions and interpretations that may lead us to form negative impressions of the ourselves, others and the world.

CBT looks at the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and helps us to address unhealthy patterns in all three areas.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Type of Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a mindfulness-based therapy that incorporates the aspects of personal values as well as the concept of acceptance. ACT's core message is about accepting what is out of your personal control, and committing to actions that improve and enrich your life.

Extensive research suggests that ACT can be particularly useful for those who have tried other therapies without much success, because it involves a different way of looking at unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

Schema Therapy

Type of Therapy

Schema Therapy involves addressing the underlying negative beliefs we hold about ourselves and others, often developed through negative events in our childhoods. Schema therapy is particularly useful for more complex emotional problems, and utilises similar cognitive and behavioural components as CBT, but also addresses negative core beliefs on an emotional level by reprocessing events in our childhood that lead the the development of the negative core belief.

Clients often comment that Schema Therapy "just makes sense" in terms of providing clients an understanding of the origins of their issues, and a integrated framework for addressing the problem.


Circle of Security Parent Training

Type of Therapy

Circle of Security (COS) is a program for parents designed to help facilitate secure attachment and relationship between parents and their children. Unlike many other parenting programs, COS is aimed at helping parents to understand what emotions are driving behaviour and supports parents in recognising and responding to the child's underlying needs.

COS has had enormous success in helping parents all over the world have better relationships with their children, while still setting firm boundaries when required. COS is suitable for a range of issues, from parents who are just wanting to get some more information about their child's behaviour, to children with significant behavioural issues.


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